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Construction Products Directive


CPD (Construction Products Directive - 89/106/EEC) Construction Products Directive is a directive of CE compulsory certification formulated by the European Union aiming at construction products to create to eliminate the different technical barriers among member states and promote free trade through a unified technical standards. The Construction Products Directive (CPD) was established several years ago, but has been gradually coming into effect in recent years, which means that all the construction products will carry CE Marking then. It will become a permit allowing high-quality construction products to pass freely throughout the member states of EU without restrictions on each different technical standards
This directive is primarily concerned with the safety of constructions and lays essential performance criteria for building under six headings; Mechanical resistance and stability, Safety in case of fire, Hygiene health and environment, Safety in use, Protection against noise and Energy economy including heat retention. This directive is unusual in a few ways. Firstly it applies to the construction as a whole, not as individual components. Secondly this directive only applies for products for which there are harmonized standards. In the absence of a harmonized standard any existing national standards apply.
An alternative to the use of harmonized standards are European Technical Approvals for which a notified body must examine the product to confirm it complies with the essential requirements of the directive. In this situation approval can be based on draft standards before the harmonized standard is issued. The administrative requirements are concerned with production methods that results in consistent products however as of yet there is no harmonized standard for this. A Declaration of Conformity including justification of the claim of conformity is also required. This directive has several exclusions, most notably anything sold prior to 1991 and minor part products, which will be defined by a list yet to be published.
Essential Requirements
1. Mechanical resistance and stability
2. Safety in the case of fire
3. Hygiene, health and the environment
4. Safety in use
5. Protection against noise
6. Energy economy and heat retention
CPD Standards 
EN 54-2 - Control and Indicating Equipment
EN 54-3 - Sounders
EN 54-4 - Power Supply Equipment for CIE
EN 54-5 - Heat Detectors
EN 54-7 - Smoke Detectors
EN 54-10 - Flame Detectors
EN 54-11 - Manual Call Points
EN 54-12 - Optical Smoke Detectors
EN-54-16 - Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment
EN 54-17 - Short Circuit Isolators
EN 54-18 - Input/Output Devices
EN 54-21 - Alarm Transmission and Fault Warning Routing Equipment
EN 54-24 - Components of Voice Alarms - Loudspeakers
EN 54-25 - Components Using Radio Links
EN 1935: 2002 - Single Axis Hinges
EN 1154: 1997 - Controlled Door Closing Devices
EN 1155: 2003 - Electrically Operated Hold Open Devices
EN 1125: 1997 - Panic Exit Devices Operated by Horizontal Bar
EN 179: 1997 - Emergency Exit Devices
EN 12209: 2003 - Mechanically Operated Locks

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