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EMC Directive

The EMC directive is part of the system of EEC New Approach directives, a series of directives that are created to allow manufacturers to trade freely within the EEC territory. This is done by creating the CE mark, a "trade symbol" showing authorities (not the public) that essential requirements for safety and health are met. EMC stands for Electro Magnetic Compatibility, a term for the behavior of an apparatus in terms of Electro magnetic interference it generates and the immunity to impeached Electro magnetic field on its enclosure and cables.
These safety requirements are the requirements (called essential requirements) an apparatus has to meet to obtain the "presumption of conformity". In case of the EMC directive 89/336/EEC:
to ensure that any electric or electronic device will create no more then a limited amount of RF interference so that other apparatus are not affected in their correct functioning ( with an emphasis on radio communication (=spectrum protection).
to ensure that an electric or electronic device will withstand a certain amount of Electro Magnetic fields while operating as intended within specifications.
The bandwidth of the EMC-directive spans 0 - 400 GHz.



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