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Machinery Directive

Machines and their safety components may only be put into use in Europe if they comply with the fundamental safety and health requirements of the EU machinery directive (MD) 98/37/EC As a rule, the manufacturer may declare conformity to the directive independently. A notified body must assist with the declaration of conformity for all of the machines and safety components listed in Appendix IV of the machinery directive.
Generally, the manufacturer can commission a notified test body with a type test of his product at any time. For products not listed in Appendix IV, the manufacturer then receives a type-test certificate which confirms conformity to the machinery directive. In such a test, numerous material, design, and function tests are conducted at our laboratories in order to study individual compliance to the directive.
Type-test certificates are valid indefinitely and serve as the basis for the manufacturer's declaration of conformity. The manufacturer is obliged to notify the test body immediately of any changes to the respective products. The same applies once the harmonized standards change.

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