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Toy safety
There are around 80 million children under 14 in the EU, and about 2 000 companies employing over 100 000 people directly in the toys and games sector, most are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Toys and games are vital tools for child development. Whilst manufacturers are responsible for the safety of their products, importers, notified bodies and national authorities all have a role to play in ensuring toys sold in Europe's shops fulfil all safety requirements.
Ensuring safety requirements and standards keep up with the latest toy trends is vital, especially as new materials and manufacturing processes are constantly being developed.
The internal market for toys has positively contributed to the development of the sector and to consumer protection, by harmonising the safety characteristics of toys across the EU. The new Toy Safety Directive strengthens provisions on enforcement and new safety requirements, ensuring children continue to benefit from the highest levels of protection.
The new Directive improves the existing rules for the marketing of toys produced in or imported into the EU, aiming to reduce toy related accidents and achieve long-term health benefits.
Today, Europe's most important trading partners remain the USA for exports, and the Far East for imports. One of the main opportunities for the European toy industry is the export potential of high quality European products, which the Commission supports by improving market access conditions in third countries.



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